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Elgato today released a free firmware update for Eve Motion. Available for users of Eve 2.7.1, the update includes three brand new features as well as general improvements:

  • Optional LED feedback upon motion detection
  • Direct LED feedback when setting motion sensitivity
  • Graphs now honor your motion duration setting

This firmware update requires Eve 2.7.1 on your iOS device. While updating, ensure that you remain close to Eve Motion as updating while out of range or remotely is not supported.

Update Eve Motion firmware in Eve
New function: "LED on Motion"
Select a suitable sensitivity setting in testing mode
Graphs now honor your motion duration setting

Motion Detection, Sensitivity and Duration
If you want your LED on Eve Motion to flash once during motion detection, enable LED on Motion in Eve Settings > Accessories > Eve Motion.
A new Testing Mode will help you to select a suitable sensitivity setting. By choosing the sensitivity in settings for Eve Motion, you set the amount of movement that is required to trigger Eve Motion. There are three sensitivity modes at your disposal: Low, Medium, and High. To ascertain which mode suits your needs, test each one within settings for Eve Motion while using the LED feedback to confirm suitable sensitivity.
The duration you set in Eve Settings is now reflected in your motion graph. For example: If duration set in Eve > Settings > Accessories > Eve Motion > Duration is set to 5 minutes, and motion is detected (then clear after 5 minutes), your graph will show a five-minute period of motion.

Elgato Eve
Elgato Eve
Developer: Elgato Systems
Price: Free